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Getting and staying involved in extra-curricular activities at the European Faculty of Law can be one of the best choices you make as a student. Being involved encourages and advances your development on all levels: intellectual, cultural, spiritual and social.

The Student Council of the European Faculty of Law is a representative body of the Faculty, through which students are involved in all Faculty´s departments and work in partnership with Faculty´s management and staff, for the benefit of the student’s community. It is responsible for motivating and supporting the students on their study and extra-curricular path by offering them a variety of activities that strengthen their body, mind, and student´s spirit. Furthermore, it is responsible for raising awareness of student’s rights and obligations and other students’ related topics.

The Student Council, in collaboration with the ELSA Nova Gorica association and the Career Centre, offers students a wide range of activities, such as round tables, excursions, sport and legal competitions, social events, and many others. In this way, it enables students to meet new people and make friends with those who have similar interests to feel more connected to the Faculty and to gain skills necessary for success during and after study.


The Student Council of the European Faculty of Law is organizationally speaking a body of the Faculty that represents the interests of students of the Faculty. It is regulated by the Higher Education Act, the Statute of the Faculty and The Rules of Procedure of the Student Council. The Student Council represents the interests of students, is concerned with their well-being and performs the following work: discusses the Statute of the Faculty and gives opinion in this regard to the competent Faculty bodies, gives opinion regarding all issues relating to the rights and obligations of students, and accepts and carries out a programme of extracurricular activities for Faculty students. The Student Council of the European Faculty of Law has up to ten student representatives elected by the students of the Faculty via direct elections. Elected members’ term of office is one year.

What gives the Student Council of the European Faculty of Law an extra dimension is that it nurtures and takes care of a continuous dialogue between the Faculty and its students. In this context the primary mission of the Student Council is to cooperate with the students of the European Faculty of Law in order to create a quality and timeless Faculty, which is based on knowledge, experience, mutual integration and cooperation. It is a perfect opportunity for the students to acquire essential competences and knowledge they otherwise wouldn’t get during the classic study process. This not only allows the students to help build a higher quality Faculty but also enables the Faculty to build a higher quality students.

The mission of the Student Council of the European Faculty of Law is thus not only to represent the interests of students and implementing extra-curricular activities, but rather help create a quality education institution that the students can be proud of.

We wish successful studies and pleasant student life to all our students!

Miha Istenič, President of the EFL SC



Student Council of the European Faculty of Law