Vabilo na BIMUN 2013, ki bo v Beogradu, Srbija

30. 12. 2012 | Dogodki in vabila

Dear students of European faculty of law in Nova Gorica,

United Nations Association of Serbia is organizing the tenth annual conference „Belgrade International Model United Nations – BIMUN 2013” from 14 to 17 March 2013.

After nine successfully organized international conferences (2004-2012), BIMUN has a high reputation among successful students and relevant institutions and international organizations. BIMUN is one of the most prestigious Model UN conferences in Europe and brings together ambitious students from around the world.

“BIMUN 2013” (14 – 17 March 2013) is the tenth BIMUN conference and we aim to preserve the highest level of education and the quality of the conference program. The Committee sessions on the “BIMUN 2013” conference will be in representative halls in the city center. The conference will have a rich social life and special events (BIMUN party, BIMUN Diplomats Ball). The working language of our conference is English. This year we had delegates from all continents working together at BIMUN. Website:

’BIMUN 2013’’ will be an opportunity for diplomatic debates, with respect to multiculturalism and democratic values, but also for connecting young leaders.

The conference will have a rich social life and special events (BIMUN party, BIMUN Diplomats Ball, National evening). The working language will be English.The participants of the conference will be students from all over the world. Best delegates will receive a special certificate and monetary reward

The BIMUN Project has been supported by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, WFUNA President and UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

At our conference we have committees for university students and one BIMUN Junior Committee for high school students (preferably in their final two years of high school, 16 – 19 years old). The upcoming “BIMUN 2013” conference will feature a BIMUN JUNIOR in the form of General Assembly – I Committee discussing the topic: “Danger of Nuclear Proliferation: Situation in Iran”. You may find more information about the BIMUN Junior Committee at

Final Application deadline: 25th January, 2013.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia!

BIMUN UNA-Serbia Organizing Committee

United Nations Association of Serbia – Belgrade International Model United Nations – BIMUN
22 Makedonska, Belgrade 11000, Republic of Serbia; Website:,